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"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” - Mark 10:45

South Eden is a historic, event venue and boutique hotel set in the heart of the South. Our love for people and our desire to serve, is founded in the salvation we have found in our Savior, Jesus Christ. He has walked with us through the entire restoration project of this property and it is by His grace alone, that we have been so successful. To Him, we give all the  glory.


We welcome visitors and travelers, alike, to stay in our unique overnight accommodations in the Main House, Daughter’s Wing, and original cottages offering a variety of guest suites throughout the 38-acre property. We also offer South Eden dining experiences, available to the public, upon reservation only. 


We welcome you to host any of your special occasions at South Eden as we offer a variety of venues and services for weddings, events, and retreats. With amenities and accommodations for groups small and large, South Eden is the ideal place for celebration, memories, and unique experiences for each and every guest.


Our History

Originally spanning across 1,500 acres of red hill country as the Coalson Plantation in 1825, South Eden has gracefully taken root in the history of the South. Following the Civil War, many of the area's sizable properties transformed into hunting resorts and private estates. 


By 1896, the Coalson was renamed the Melrose, as the Hanna family passed the land down for a few generations. Before long, it became known as the Melhana Plantation with the family's descendants constructing two of the most famous additions in 1934. These were the Showboat Theatre, which was designed with the musical Broadway stages of New York City in mind; and the luxurious, indoor Pool House, constructed with its own private garden. 

Eventually torn by sibling rivalry in 1953, the land was split into two separate properties (Melrose/Melhana & Sinkola.) Finally, in 2009 a new vision for the remaining 38 acres of the Melhana portion was born through Ms. Kimberly's vision to renovate and preserve the archaic property, a historical treasure to be forever called South Eden. 

Our Location

South Eden is located in Thomasville, Georgia. We are just 10 minutes from downtown Thomasville and only 15 minutes from North Tallahassee, Florida.


Located on Highway 319, in the Southwest corner of the state, Thomasville is known as the City of Roses and holds an annual Rose Festival.


301 Showboat Lane, 

Thomasville, Georgia, 31792

Office Hours for bookings, inquiries, or questions:

Mon. through Thurs. 10am - 4pm

(Please note that scheduled phone call meetings may differ in days/times.)


Guest Services for onsite hotel guests: 24/7

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