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Thank you for your interest in South Eden! We feel sure that you and your guests will have an amazing time at your event. Here, you'll find a list of information that potential guests often ask about before booking with us.

  • Is there a wedding discount given to my hotel reservations?
    Yes, if you have a wedding booked at South Eden, we provide a 10% off per room, per night, wedding discount to all wedding guests using a Promo Code found in your bridal information given by your South Eden representative. For additional special rates please inquire with guest services.
  • Are any hotel suites automatically safeguarded for me upon booking an event?
    No. Our hotel is completely separate from our events and we do not block off or book suites unless requested. All of our suites are first come, first serve and we cannot guarantee availability. It is highly recommended to book your desired suites immediately, if available.
  • Can I book all of the guest suites OR a group of suites at South Eden for my event?
    Yes, South Eden provides a unique experience for any wedding or event by providing luxurious lodging. There is 27 guest suites on property in which weddings or events can request a room block to safeguard all suites or a group of suites for their event. After a certain stated date the room block would automatically expire and become first come, first serve to the general public. A room block cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the hotel availability when it was requested. Room blocks will require a 50% deposit on each guest suite at the time of the individual guest booking by phone. Please note that guests can also book online if there is not a physical block in place.
  • Can I choose the room assignments for all my guests staying at South Eden Plantation Hotel?
    Yes, South Eden can provide a room block sheet in which the host of your event can create room assignments. This sheet will require the host to provide each guests name, phone number, email, and room assignment. South Eden will call each guest and book them in their assigned suite. On the contrary, under a first come, first serve block, the suites are held for a certain amount of time and each individual guest will be expected to call to book the suite of their choosing. Guests can still book suites after a block has expired although, suites are not guaranteed blocked at that point.
  • Who will my hotel overnight guests talk to if they need something?
    We have a hotel guest services team and property manager for any needs throughout your guests stay. If hotel guests have any guest services question regarding the hotel they should follow their detailed booking confirmation instructions to call guest services at South Eden (229-233-8285). This information is listed on their room keys, hotel directory, confirmation, and our website.
  • When I book a guest suite can I use any public areas for event preparation and/or an event after party/next day function?
    Any wedding party or event group desiring event preparation, after parties, OR next day functions on property must seek approval through South Eden Plantation even if the guests are staying overnight in one or more of South Eden’s guest suites. Additional cleanup fees will apply. Additional setup/breakdown fees may apply. Only registered guests for a specific guest suite may access and utilize that suite. Please view our online hotel policies for more information.
  • Can I use sparklers?
    Yes, sparklers are allowed but, must be carefully thrown away and not left on the plantation grounds in order to prevent fire hazards as well as preserve the historical surroundings.
  • Can I use candles?
    All candles must be contained in some form of jar/container. Candlesticks are allowed ONLY if the candelabra being used has a support bottom to catch ALL wax drip and/or a hurricane tube. All candlesticks must be certified dripless. If this fails to happen, South Eden will ask the event host OR coordinator to remove ALL wax dripping décor immediately.
  • Other Décor Materials?
    Confetti, Rice, Grain, Silly String, and Fake flower petals are NOT allowed and strictly prohibited for use at any event on property for throwing measures. Any non-biodegradable substance is also, NOT allowed for use during throwing measures. Throwing measures would be guests throwing these things during ceremony finish, reception start, bride/groom exit OR any other time frame.
  • Are there restrictions regarding how we can decorate the venue?
    Any decorations being hung from trees, walls, ceilings, and/or roofs must be approved in advance. Adhesive of any kind such as spray, glue, nails, or screws are NOT allowed for decorative use. All piping or draping must be approved in advance.
  • Is there restrictions in decorating with lighting and/or chandeliers?
    Any decorations requiring electricity must be approved in advance. South Eden can do any chandelier additions requested to avoid additional damage fees by doing this through outside vendors. If you have an outside vendor hanging chandeliers in the trees they must use chains. They are also responsible for bringing any extension cords needed as well as running them to the outlets and confirming they are placed properly as to not be a tripping hazard for staff and/or guests. Decorations are NOT allowed to drape OR touch South Eden light fixtures and/or chandeliers.
  • Do you offer off-site décor, furniture, or facility rentals?
    Yes, South Eden offers a variety of options for off-site rentals for styling an event in the local North Florida/South Georgia area. Please visit our “Off-Site Services” tab for more information.
  • Can we take our engagement photos on the grounds?
    If you are booked with us for a wedding you can take your engagement photos and/or bridal portraits on the grounds free of charge but, this does need to be scheduled in advance. The grounds applies to all of our outdoor areas that are not being used for other events and/or special setup. Indoor venues will require approval and extra fees will apply. If you do not have a wedding booked with us, photography fees will apply for both indoor and outdoor locations on the property. Please see these rates on our website OR contact South Eden for these rates. We also ask that you tag South Eden Plantation in photos marketed on social media or website platforms.
  • Can we take photos anywhere on the grounds?
    Photos may be made anywhere on the outdoor property provided that there was a reservation made in advance, you have a wedding booked with us/ or have paid the photography fee, and that there is no event being held in desired areas. Indoor venues will require approval and extra fees will apply. If another event is taking place in a specific region of the property photos will be off limits in that location, except for with special approval OR at a specific time during that date.
  • Can my engagement and/or wedding photos be featured by South Eden Plantation?
    Yes! South Eden Plantation has a bridal spotlight program that features past events on social media as well as our website! We strive to showcase each couple as they embark on the most precious and sacred journey of marriage. We encourage you to email your finished wedding or event album so we can highlight your most precious moments with loved ones on our social media and website! We always tag the photographers so make sure to include who took your photos!
  • Can our videographer use a drone?
    Yes, provided that it does not land anywhere near the horses on property, on any building roofs, trees/ landscaping, golf carts, doorways, etc. If there is any damage caused to the venue or acreage, it will be automatically charged to the host of the event.
  • Can you hold a certain date for me?
    The only way South Eden Plantation can hold a preferred date is with a non-refundable deposit to reserve the date.
  • Do I need Wedding Insurance?
    Yes, South Eden requires proof of wedding insurance to protect you and your wedding guests. This is normally purchased online for about $80 to $150 total. (Please refer to your Next Steps Booklet for more information on Wedding Insurance.)
  • Can I add things to my event package after I have booked?
    Yes! We recommend getting your package to the expected size and general desires you want. However, you will be able to adjust menu, additions such as décor, furniture, floristry, etc. after booking. This will be done throughout the planning process.
  • How much is the event deposit?
    There is a 25% non-refundable deposit of your event package to reserve your event date. If the package is $5,000 OR less, 50% of the package is required for the deposit.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept a variety of different payments including the following: Credit Card, Debit Card, Cashiers Check, Money Order, OR Cash. *Please note: Only under special approval do we accept personal check.*
  • When do I pay my final event invoice?
    Full payment of your event package and any add-ons will be invoiced to you 3 weeks before the event. Full payment is required 3 weeks before the event. Final payment must be by check. Once your representative confirms your final wedding invoice total, check can be sent by mail or given in person. If needed, you can pay your final invoice by credit card. There will be a 3.5% credit card fee added to your package total in this case.
  • Do I have to pay for any damage done by my guests?
    Our property manager will do a final inspection of all venues being used before event start, after event finish, and again the following morning. This inspection will determine if any damages have occurred to the property, buildings, OR rentals. This damage fee applies to the specific event venues and any public areas on property that may have subsequent damage from guests at your event. This also applies to any pre and/or post event maintenance required due to hosts, guests, and/or outside vendors. This also includes makeup and food/beverage stains on any walls and/or furniture. If damages have occurred, the host of the event will be charged accordingly via electronic invoice OR automatic charge to credit card on file. Fortunately, your wedding insurance plan should be able to reimburse these costs to you depending on what they are.
  • Do I need a Day of Coordinator?
    Yes. You are required to have a Day of Coordinator for your event that is not a part of South Eden’s team. This will be the designated point of contact for South Eden venue/caterer as well as all outside vendors, to ensure no vendor is bothering the wedding family the day of. They will also be responsible for organizing the rehearsal of ceremonial practice the day before, the placement of wedding party at ceremony, create your wedding day timeline/itinerary, & keep wedding party on schedule the day of event. Please refer to our Preferred Vendors List for tried and true recommendations.
  • Who will my point of contact be on wedding day?
    Your day of coordinator will be your point of contact throughout the wedding day. To avoid confusion, please direct any and all questions/requests to your day of coordinator who will reach out to South Eden if needed for that request or information. Your day of coordinator will receive information prior to event day of the contact information for their South Eden point of contact throughout the day.
  • Will my South Eden Information Representative be present on wedding day?
    Your South Eden information representative is a part of your long term detailed planning process to prepare our on the ground team the day of the wedding, as well as prepare your day of coordinator. Often times, with this role comes a responsibility to engage from behind the scenes with all departments in order to keep everyone well informed. It can never be guaranteed that you will see your South Eden Information Representative face-to-face on wedding day, due to this role. Rest assured, you will be in capable hands with your day of coordinator working along side our dedicated team that is fully aware of your special details.
  • What time can I begin using the Bridal Preparation Suite?
    We allow access starting as early as 8am. We will go over your specific start time as it will depend on the timeline of your event and what is needed.
  • How early can outside vendors have access to the property the day of the event?
    This will vary based on your event itinerary and type of event. Outside vendors as well as personal setup/ preparation can usually start as early as 8am to 10AM. This does not mean that all South Eden setups will be finished by this time. Please, contact South Eden for information about your venue date to gather details on this.
  • What time must our event end?
    Venue rentals for large dinner receptions are a six (6) hour time frame from start to finish of event and will not go over 12AM even if six (6) hour time frame has not been met. This does NOT include setup time but, DOES include breakdown time. Vendors should not break down later than 11:30pm. ALL guests and vendors must be out of venue by 12am the latest. If additional hours of usage OR any amount of time after 12AM are needed the host is automatically charged a flat $150 and another $100 per every additional 30 minute time frame after that 12:30AM mark. Venue rentals/space usage for wedding ceremonies are a three (3) hour time frame from start to finish of event. For any event, all South Eden facility rentals, etc. will be broken down when other outside vendors begin breaking down, if not earlier. Outside vendors as well as personal setup/preparation can start as early as 10AM. Please inquire with your representative if an earlier time is necessary. Please note that this does not mean that all South Eden rentals will be setup by 10AM on the day of your event.
  • Who sets up for my event and when does set up occur?
    South Eden has a full event team that is designated for setup, breakdown, and cleanup for all South Eden rentals and services. All outside vendors will be responsible for set-up, break-down, and clean-up any personal items and/ or outside vendor rentals/services. South Eden is not responsible or liable for managing any outside vendor rentals, outside vendor services, or personal items. Please note that South Eden rentals such as the dance floor, bars tents, and staging will not be moved once placed.
  • Can we store personal items or outside vendor rentals onsite the day before OR after the event?
    No. South Eden Plantation owns and stores many rental items of our own so event facility storage space is limited. Under special circumstances outside vendor rentals and/ or personal items may be stored the day before an event but, this cannot be guaranteed. This must be approved by South Eden Plantation and South Eden maintains that we are not responsible or liable for the management, protection, or setup/ breakdown/ cleanup of outside vendor rentals and/or services.
  • Can we come back the next day to pick up items?
    No. South Eden functions as a fully operational event venue every day of the week. All outside rentals, personal items, and services must be broken down and cleaned up on the same event date. Exceptions can be made depending on the vendor service. Please ask your South Eden representative closer to the date of your event (one month before) for finalized approval or denial of day after pickup. Any and all personal items and/or vendor items such as signage, monogrammed cocktail napkins, flowers, special china, shoes, makeup, sound equipment, etc. must be removed from the venue at the end of the event. Anything left at the venue after the event will be disposed of.
  • Are there wedding preparation suites on property?
    South Eden provides a unique experience for both bride and groom with our Preparation Suites. We have the Bridal Suite named, “Promise” which features a private bathroom, mirror room, and dressing room. This is considered a venue rental and does NOT have overnight capabilities. We also have a variety of hotel suite options that can be booked for groomsmen to get ready in.
  • Is there a charge for a ceremonial rehearsal?
    No. Day before Ceremonial Rehearsal is included in your wedding package. Time and location varies based on our event schedule and certain specifications cannot be guaranteed. You will always be guaranteed practice in your preferred location at a specific time and/or practice at your preferred time in a different location on property. Venue rentals will not be setup until the day of the event regardless of a rehearsal scheduled.
  • Does South Eden direct the ceremonial rehearsal, ceremony, and/ or reception?
    No, South Eden maintains no responsibility for directing, organizing, or announcing the series of events at your ceremonial rehearsal, ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. This is the responsibility of the host or designated day of coordinator. Please refer to our Preferred Vendors List for recommended day of coordinators.
  • Will there be another event on the plantation the same day as mine?
    South Eden is a 38 acre historical plantation that provides services to many events. There is absolutely the possibility that another event is occurring the same day/evening of your scheduled event whether it is a private dinner, wedding, etc. This is standard to most event venues. Please note there is extensive preparations made ahead of time to ensure there is no overlap between venues and that each event gets the same quality and care they deserve. Our Garden Side Restaurant is also periodically open for special open-to-the-public events. Please inquire for special exclusivity pricing to close down the entire property to outside guests on the day and/or weekend of your event.
  • What happens if it rains on the day of my event?
    In the event of inclement weather forecast on the week of the event date, there will be a period of time up to a few days before the event in which South Eden may discuss with the event host to change venue locations to an indoor venue space or utilize a tent (tent may have to be rented from outside vendor). We cannot guarantee that other indoor venues will not be booked by other groups unless you have put down a deposit to safeguard them for a rain backup plan. If the change of venue, costs more than the original venue space, you will be responsible for paying the difference in venue space. This policy does NOT apply to outdoor venues that have already been prepared OR setup for an event. There will be NO refund OR credit to a wedding package for mid-event inclement weather.
  • Can I add tents on the day of my event if it is raining?
    No, we must be informed of any potential tents going up at least one week before. You can opt to rent a tent with South Eden (21ft by 29ft white canopy tent for covering dance floor) OR a larger tent from an outside vendor for your event. South Eden MUST approve all tent installations. You are responsible for confirming with South Eden and tent vendor, correct dimensions of an outdoor space BEFORE renting a tent to ensure proper fit. South Eden has the right to refuse a tent installation mid-process if it might cause damage to the buildings OR acreage. Please see our Preferred Vendors List for tent vendor recommendations. There is a $3,800 string light removal fee that will be automatically added if you are setting up a tent that covers the Magnolia Field dripping string lights.
  • Can I hire an outside caterer?
    South Eden Plantation has a State-of-the-Art kitchen with a skilled culinary department and a sophisticated service staff to cater any and all events held at South Eden. We do NOT allow outside catering vendors for this reason. All food and beverage catering is done in house with exception to wedding cakes and liquor services. South Eden does not allow any outside vendor/caterer for beer and/or wine service. Only specialty low season dates and emergency situations can exceptions be made. Please inquire separately regarding this.
  • Can South Eden do my wedding cake?
    Yes! South Eden specializes in tiered classic buttercream style OR tiered Naked Wedding Cakes in a variety of flavors. Please note that we do NOT offer wedding cake tastings so we recommend another vendor if this something you must have. Please inquire with your South Eden representative for pricing on wedding cakes!
  • Can we bring in other desserts through an outside vendor?
    No. South Eden has an expert culinary team to cater to any dessert preferences and desires. We do not allow outside food catering for this reason. Exceptions can be made for specialty items such as guest favors OR a traditional family dessert. Please inquire separately if so. We do allow outside wedding cake vendors.
  • Can we store personal food items or outside vendor food items in the catering fridges?
    No. South Eden Plantation stores many refrigerated items for the event catering purposes so storage space is extremely limited.
  • Do you serve wine and beer? Liquor?
    Yes! South Eden Plantation caters an extensive list of wines and beers. Please note that we do not allow any outside catering of wine, champagne, or beer. We do not serve liquor so you are permitted to bring in an outside liquor pouring service vendor for your event. South Eden must approve this vendor and they must have an up to date liquor pouring license as well as proper bartender certification for all bartenders. If you are booked with us, please refer to our Preferred Vendors List for liquor vendor recommendations.
  • Will I have to book South Eden bartenders and Outside Vendor Liquor Bartenders?
    If you are only planning to serve wine, beer, and/or champagne you will only need South Eden bartenders. If you plan to also serve liquor, you will need to book one of our preferred liquor vendors or alternative vendor. They will pour South Eden’s wine, beer, and their liquor so you only have to book their bartenders.
  • Can I make specialty dietary restrictive food requests?
    South Eden strives to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions. These must be discussed in the beginning process of menu selection. Any dietary restrictions must be submitted in the early stages of menu discussions (at least two months in advance of event date). Additional fees may be applicable based on the dietary needs.
  • Will there be culinary attendants at our Stationed Dinner Display?
    Yes, for your convenience and the guest experience, there will be culinary attendants serving the food displays.
  • Can I do a plated menu?
    Our standard event catering style is a stationed display on premium sterling chafers with lighting and elevation. By request, we can offer plated service. Additional fees will apply. If you have selected a plated food service that has protein preferences per guest, then you must have all guests assigned to specific table numbers that match accordingly with the table layout for your event. Once your table layout for the event has been solidified with your South Eden representative, you must provide cards for each guest that have their, name, table number, and a picture of the protein selection chosen. An excel sheet must also be sent with this information. Please inquire for more details.
  • Can I bring in personal food items into the Bridal/Groom’s Preparation Area?
    You are permitted to bring in personal snacks/beverages to the preparation suites for wedding day. This does NOT include an outside catering company. You must bring any disposable utensils, etc. needed as well as dispose of it all to avoid additional cleanup fees. Alternatively, we can provide luncheons, snacks, mimosa bars, etc. upon advanced request. If any event space including the Bridal Preparation Suite has unauthorized additions of food, trash, etc. brought in and left for South Eden staff to attend to there will be additional cleanup fees due to the additional servicing of the space.
  • Can we bring in a late night wedding snack through an outside vendor?
    No. South Eden has an expert culinary team to cater to any late night snack preferences and desires. We do not allow outside food catering for this reason. Exceptions can be made for specialty items such as a family favorite snack, etc. Please inquire separately if so. Please note there will be additional setup/cleanup fees for this type of exception.
  • How will the table place settings be setup?
    South Eden’s standard sit down dinner place setting is the necessary plates, forks, knives, and/or spoons needed for the main menu selected, paired with a folded linen napkin, and water glass. All plates will be at the stationed food display(s) for guests. Please note if you are doing a non-traditional event, setup structure may differ.
  • Can we do a menu tasting?
    A tasting for 2 guests is included in your wedding package to taste your final choices. This is scheduled based on our event schedule & is paired on the same day as your details meeting. Tasting list instructions will be sent at the time of booking your tasting date. There will be a fee varying from $55 to $125 per person for any additional tasting guest(s).
  • Do you offer off-site food/beverage catering?
    Yes! We proudly provide extensive food and beverage catering for offsite events in the local North Florida/ South Georgia area. Please visit our “Off-Site Services” Tab for more information.
  • Can I book a Rehearsal Dinner on-site as well?
    Yes! We proudly provide a variety of beautiful packages for rehearsal dinner.
  • When do I need to give a finalized guest count?
    South Eden requires a finalized head count of guests emailed at least one month before your event date. Please note that in most cases, you will also need a certain number of outside vendor meals for vendors such as photographer, DJ, day of coordinator, etc. Please also submit this number needed, separate from the wedding guest count.
  • What if less guests than my finalized headcount attend my event?
    South Eden will prepare for your event both in the aspects of setup and catering services according to the finalized headcount of guests. In the case that less guests attend, South Eden will charge the reserved plates according to the finalized headcount originally submitted, regardless. This is to offset the additional food cost, setup, and preparation that was already completed for the event.
  • What if more guests than my finalized headcount attend my event?
    South Eden will prepare for your event both in the aspects of setup and catering services according to the finalized headcount of guests. If a higher number of guests attend then previously submitted we cannot guarantee an overage of food per person. This is why we highly recommend giving a gracious finalized headcount for guests you think may show up but, have not RSVP’d. We encourage all event hosts to provide all guests with ample time to submit their RSVP invitations in order to confidently submit a finalized headcount. This will be beneficial for your event setup as well as food/beverage accommodations. Any additional person(s) will be charged to the host accordingly for additional food/beverage fees, the Setup/Breakdown/ Cleanup Fee, server fees, rental fees, and tax/gratuity fees.
  • Do you count infants in the menu headcount?
    If you have any guests age four or under when submitting final headcount that will not be eating, please still include them in headcount for setup purposes, but please let us know the amount of infants separately, so we can exclude them from the menu/bar count. Please also let us know if any high chairs are needed as well as what table they will go to.
  • Can I use outside vendor rentals and/ or services?
    For events held at South Eden, specified rental items that are offered in South Eden’s inventory must be rented from South Eden. If rental items are requested that South Eden does not have in its inventory, an outside rental company is permitted upon approval. Please read below for more information.
  • What vendor services is mandatory through South Eden?
    All Food/Beverage Catering (EXCEPT Wedding Cake & Liquor) • All Wine, Beer, & Champagne Facility Rentals • Glassware, White China Flatware, & Sterling Silverware • Event Chairs & Tables Dance Floor Rental OR Bar Rental(s) if needed Furniture Rental Packages Hard Ceremony Aisle Flooring (If desired)
  • What vendor services is optional through South Eden?
    Event Décor • Ceremony - (Arbors, Cross, Pergulas, Candles, Lanterns, etc.) • Reception - (Decorative Chargers, Arches, Candleabras, etc.) South Eden provides linen white napkins & white table linens in contract but, if another color is desired, outside rentals are allowed Band Flooring Floristry Packages Naked or Buttercream style Wedding Cakes
  • What outside vendors do you recommend hiring?
    Day of Coordinator Required to organize ceremonial rehearsal, keep wedding party on track, & act as point of contact for South Eden/ALL outside vendors on wedding day. Photographer and/or Videographer Florist (If opting out of South Eden floristry packages) Officiant DJ and/or Band Wedding Cake (If opting out of South Eden wedding cake) South Eden can do any other desserts desired Liquor Pouring Service (If desired) Hair and/or Makeup Services (If desired)
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